Current bike: Triumph Thruxton R

In my opinion this is quite simply the prettiest production bike (within the budget of mere mortals) that you can buy. Obviously this is just opinion, so please feel free to leave a comment on this post and give me your opinion as well, I’m all for a discussion(!), but it seems to me that Triumph have just got it so right with this bike – it looks amazing and has the performance and handling to match. I rode one last year and it has been my dream bike ever since.

It is such a well put together bike, with all of the components and design features really well thought out and built with a quality feel to them. Owning this bike feels like owning a bit of Great British motorcycling heritage, it is a class act.

What’s more, this particular bike is really well spec’d up, which is part of the reason that I bought it, as it has saved me having to do the mods myself!

Mods on this bike:

I will be fitting a Biktrac tracker and alarm as well

Race kit:
Front fairing
Vance and Hines Exhaust cans
Lowered clip-ons
Led indicators
Choice of seat – Single seat with cowl or brown leather twin seat with pillion seat
Choice of tank straps – black or brown (to match seats)
Pillion foot pegs
Heated grips
Tail tidy
Black alloy wheels

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    1. Cheers, have a look at The Bolt Hole Biker on Youtube for more! Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading!

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